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13 David Nelson quotes:

"Getting above break-even in beef was an amazing accomplishment, especially compared with Tyson now forecasting a doubling of last quarter's beef loss of $64 million."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"Given the inflationary environment that we are in today, we believe the ability for higher pricing to cover all of the cost increases is diminishing."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"They are giving us no reason to have much faith."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"The company still continues to deliver on double-digit annual (earnings per share) growth as promised, but the quality is lower."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"It's a horrible problem, ... financially the consequences are significant."
"Their marketing has captured the imagination of the public, especially the 18-to-35 male, with an American, in-your-face attitude."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Imagination Quotes
"[Quaker's] food line is in a declining state and it doesn't appear to have much of an upside, ... All the cereal makers are busy with other acquisitions right now, so that wouldn't bode well for Pepsi."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Breathing is fundamental to our health, but people don't think about it much. For those who do think about their breathing, whether they have asthma, live with a smoker, or struggle with respiratory illness, they often do not realize there is more they can do to better manage their respiratory health."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"It's obscene she would even suggest breaking the trust she had with her Utah constituents for the sake of some whipped-up bleeding heart hubris."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Josh is a great player and talent."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"The point here is basic motor skills, seeing a smile on their faces and making sure they finish the job."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"Management has cracked the code on how to sell soup at higher prices, partly because it is now smarter on how it spends its marketing dollars."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"We often highlighted the extraordinary degree of earnings sensitivity at Pilgrim's Pride to chicken market prices, and to a lesser, but still strong, degree feed costs. We believe the big area of change is in leg quarters, which are exported and cannot be priced significantly forward. We believe at least some of this is due to consumer concern in the export markets regarding avian influenza."
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