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4 John Austin quotes:

"There's still this cultural hangover from a different era, when you could get a good job without a postsecondary education. That era is over."
Author: Austin Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"We're in a different ball game now. We're going to be shedding a lot of the low-education manufacturing jobs."
Author: Austin Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"The MCP1316 - MCP1322 voltage supervisors incorporate several attractive features on a single chip, resulting in enhanced design flexibility, reduced board space, and lower system costs. These devices are among only a few on the market guaranteed to operate within the extended industrial temperature range, making them excellent solutions for automotive, industrial and many other applications."
Author: Austin Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"It can't be done. We don't rely on this to make any money. Breaking even would be good enough."
Author: Austin Quotes Category: Money Quotes

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