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"If it's unconstitutional to tell students to study evolution with an open mind, then what's not unconstitutional? The judge is basically trying to make it unconstitutional for anyone to have a divergent view, and we think that has a chilling effect on free speech."
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"I don't understand how you can have a discussion of intelligent design if you only invite critics. That sounds like a monologue, not a discussion. I thought this was supposed to be science, not a pep rally."
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"When you're running a rescue, you need to make sure the horse is going somewhere where it's not going to end up at another auction or dead due to neglect, ... From what I've seen, Bill's only screening procedure is 'Did the check clear?'"
Author: West Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"DNA Cluster-SBS technology has the advantage of producing highly accurate, reproducible and quantitative readouts of the full complement of activated genes or small RNA in a particular tissue without requiring advance knowledge of gene structure or coding sequence. Furthermore, we expect that Solexa's technology will generate this digital data at costs comparable to those of analogue methods currently in use."
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"akin to a million buffaloes stampeding across the prairie and they want to silence one buffalo named Allred."
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