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"We didn't expect him to come in here with the biggest smile on his face in training camp. We understood that. But we thought we knew him well enough to know that he's such a prideful guy, such a competitive guy, that once he got here, we'd have a guy working as hard as he's always worked."
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"There's an accumulation of events culminating with a series of things last week, including the very public interview that he did, ... I think there's a long list of things, some of which you know about and some of which aren't public."
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"He's a quality guy and a strong leader. He's a physical guy who sets the tone, and he wanted to be here. He's one of a number of 30-year-old guys that we have signed, and I think that's good. The notion that we don't care about those guys is false."
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"There is no question he's a vital part of our team and we have always maintained a strong desire to get a deal done with Brian."
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"The Eagles continue to offer the city a deal that meets the city's revenue-neutral goals that is the best deal any team has offered in the NFL,"
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"It is an honor to be recognized by our peers and a great credit to our staff. We continue to strive for relevant and entertaining content on our web site and we know that our fans return again and again for news about the team. The enormous growth of this medium has allowed fans all over the world to be part of the Eagles family."
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"I think a lot of people, including myself, do and say a lot of things in the context of negotiations that tend to go away and be forgotten,"
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"We want Brian to be here. We recognize him as an important part of this team, a quality person. I think Brian recognizes that this is a great situation for him. I think he recognizes that this system probably matches up to his own strengths and weaknesses better than any other system out there. So I think that in the long run, because we both have that mind-set about it, we'll find a way to get it done. I hope it's in the short run."
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