Delrish Moss Quotes

3 Delrish Moss quotes:

"The offender has become a little bit more brave each time. They have intentions. They have urges and desires and a sickness that they want to feed. If you are in a neighborhood and you see something suspicious, please report it to police."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Desire Quotes Neighborhood Quotes
"They've searched every inch of this area, trying to find him with helicopters and K-9 dogs and the like. They've not been able to find him, but certainly the search continues."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"It was basically group versus group. It was only verbal, but it was starting to look like there was a potential for violence, so we stepped in and separated them. Nobody was arrested, but the body language and the energy change was enough that we thought separating them was prudent."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Violence Quotes

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