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68 Willie Randolph quotes:

"Tonight could be totally different. I'm going by respect for his ability."
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"Carlos Beltran got a good education last year. I think he's going to have a big year for us. I really do."
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"We just need to get a win so we can turn around in the right direction. The energy right now is just not there because of the fact that we're losing like we are. ... We have plenty of time to start to get things going again. We might win 15 in a row."
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"I like to think our players are tough-minded. But sometimes you don't get the breaks and your execution breaks down. If you let the frustration of that get to you, then you won't be successful. ... We've taken a step back. We've got to get going again."
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"He comes out knowing how to pitch and executes it. Tonight was a perfect example of that. He was outstanding."
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"He brings that type of electricity whenever he s on the mound. He can dazzle you."
"I see more energy from him. I think he's just trying to help. When you're in a race like this, you want to do too much. I see him just trying to grind it out, that's all. He hasn't gotten any big hits lately, but to me, the key is that he's out there and he's trying to help us win."
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"I'm a firm believer in equality, I really am. I hope she gets her shot, that's important."
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"You obviously want to make sure you err on the side of caution when someone gets hit in the head or whatever. He said he felt OK, but we want to make sure there's no lingering effects."
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"Even if you give up runs, you still need to just keep fighting and grinding and believing in yourself and I hope that's the case with him."
"We keep fighting back. My team plays hard all the time. We don't give up."
"Until you're in the fire, you don't know. He has a nice demeanor and make-up, and he's very confident in his abilities. But New York is always a different animal. If I had to guess if he would handle things pretty well, I would say yes, but until you get in there, you don't know for sure."
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"From a comfort level, it is probably good to have more people on the team he can relate to."
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"It's nice. I look forward to it, man. I love the competition."
"I trust David, he's obviously an excellent hitter, but consistency is what I'm looking for. He needs to show me he can keep making the adjustments."
"He threw the ball with a lot more consistency."
"He hates to lose and loves to compete, and he pitches with that arrogance that you like your starters to have. He just feels like he's the best. If you challenge him, he's going to end up showing you that he's still one of the top dogs around. I've seen him do it a lot with the rivalry with the Yankees and the Red Sox."
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"He has that arrogance that you like your pitchers to have. If you challenge him, he's going to prove he's one of the top dogs around."
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"It's about awareness. It was a good lesson for him. He'll be better for it."
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"I view it as a real competition. We're in a business where, you know what, there's no babies here. You go out, win the job and take it. I've been told by management, for the most part, that we're going to play the best people. Obviously, you've got to consider stuff like contracts -- that's a reality of the game. But still, when it gets down to it, we're going to try and pick the guy that deserves to win the job."
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