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68 Willie Randolph quotes:

"From a comfort level, it is probably good to have more people on the team he can relate to."
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"He brings that type of electricity whenever he s on the mound. He can dazzle you."
"I trust David, he's obviously an excellent hitter, but consistency is what I'm looking for. He needs to show me he can keep making the adjustments."
"It's nice. I look forward to it, man. I love the competition."
"Even if you give up runs, you still need to just keep fighting and grinding and believing in yourself and I hope that's the case with him."
"I see more energy from him. I think he's just trying to help. When you're in a race like this, you want to do too much. I see him just trying to grind it out, that's all. He hasn't gotten any big hits lately, but to me, the key is that he's out there and he's trying to help us win."
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"I like to think our players are tough-minded. But sometimes you don't get the breaks and your execution breaks down. If you let the frustration of that get to you, then you won't be successful. ... We've taken a step back. We've got to get going again."
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"They love to see greatness."
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"He's been with us all year. Obviously, he's been hurt off and on, but he's getting his work in. We'll give him a day and see how he looks."
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"I'm not sure what kind of timing [Matsui] has going. It's a different level. I think he's ready to go."
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"I've known Carlos for a long time. He's always been real steady, real confident and self-assured. He's quiet, a little reserved. You can't always get a read on a personality like that. But Carlos knows he's good. He knows how to handle himself. He has a plan and he's confident in that plan."
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"The satisfaction is I challenged these guys two weeks ago to keep playing hard and they have."
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"He has that arrogance that you like your pitchers to have. If you challenge him, he's going to prove he's one of the top dogs around."
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"Now the facilities aren't there. Just worn-out lots. You need 18 guys and 18 gloves, some bats and balls to play. Basketball you need a ball and five other guys. You probably have the sneakers already."
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"I felt like giving him a little twist. A guy with a little funk might be able to get him off guard."
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"It's funny. Offense is not supposed to be his strong suit, but so far he's got a couple of balls to handle and he's taken advantage of them."
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"It's learning how to handle it more than anything. You've got to take your foot off the accelerator and learn to trust yourself."
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"I'm still going to stay even. I'm going to still stay positive. This is tough. I hurt just like everybody else when you lose a tough game. It's not going to discourage me. It's not going to change my attitude. I'm going to be out there tomorrow pumping these guys up to play again. But this is as tough as it's been this year. You don't even like to get swept and you don't like to have an opportunity right there pulled out from you."
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"This was tough. I hurt like everybody else after a tough loss, and this is probably as tough a loss as we've had all year."
Author: Randolph Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"[Floyd threw out another potential run at the plate, and Zambrano stranded seven, escaping a bases-loaded situation in the third inning.] Obviously, when you're looking at it, it's not too pretty, ... But the bottom line is we still had a chance to win the game."
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