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6 Trevor Pryce quotes:

"A guy who stands on the sidelines can't lose a game."
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"I think that's what the difference is. We're going into games knowing that there's not many weak chinks in the armor. And when you believe in the other people out there on the field, it's easier for you to do your job feeling you don't have to make up for anyone else."
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"Our middle linebacker's an All-Pro and he had (90) tackles. That shows you what kind of team we have. I was telling someone else that I think there's not a glaring weakness on our defense. Before, if a corner had 150 tackles, obviously he was picked on. We don't have that. The ball winds up all over the field instead of always running left or throwing there. That has made everyone even as far as statistics go."
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"That's a hard play, a two-point conversion, you have to have God on your side. We had Gold; in Gold we trust. That was a great play because that kid was open."
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"In Gold we trust."
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"I told the front guys before the game, both lines, that it's going to be won by us, ... Forget everything else. Forget the linebackers, the running backs. If either of these two groups win, we win. And I think both groups did a great job."
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