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Scott Williamson Quotes

6 Scott Williamson quotes:

"It was really good to have a talk with Larry, ... He understands and they understand, too. When you struggle, the first thing that goes is your confidence, and not really in yourself, but in the organization. In my mind, I can still get guys out. But in their mind, you wonder if they're thinking, 'Can we keep running him out there? He hasn't fared well. Do we put him in these situations or not?' It's not that I can't get them out. It's bad pitch selection by me."
"We haven't had high school for about three years and when you don't have the students, you don't have the funds. We tried to keep the employees as long as we could."
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"There's no excuses for that in my mind. I should still go out there, with a healthy elbow, and get guys out. I'm accustomed to challenging them with a fastball. If it's going to be 91, 92 (mph), then that's what I've got. You can't change your pitching. But it is frustrating."
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"After that, I was screwed for the rest of the outing."
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"The short answer is, that's a determination or distinction that a lot of consumers will insist on, but not one we've been able to empirically prove."
"I hope they throw me right in the fire. I pitch my best in those kinds of games."
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