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"He shows us the ability to throw strikes any time in the count. He has a high level of concentration on every pitch, and that's something we like. Because of his experience, he has an excellent chance to be in the rotation. The ball is really in his court."
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"The two months that I'm in Spring Training is tough. The family obligation weighed heavily. We spent a lot of time talking about that. The truth of the matter is during spring, I'm at the ballpark the majority of days for 12, 15 hours. I wouldn't get a whole lot of time with them."
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"It's an outpatient procedure. You've got to believe it's not all that drastic. Hopefully, it's quick and not much and he bounces back quickly."
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"He stood up and threw without putting a lot of pressure on the knee. Just basically tossing 90 balls to keep the motion and looseness through the shoulder."
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"It's been impressive to where they are up to now. They're throwing the ball with pretty good force behind it. It's not so much what they can do today, but can they feel like they can do it again tomorrow? That's the basis we pretty much use to go forward."
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"Arm-wise, he's making real good progress. We need to see what he can do and how quickly he can bounce back from the knee and then we'll figure the rest out."
"In my mind I figured we weren't going to start the season. I thought that all winter. Shoulders are a little different and you'd better be careful with it. Because setbacks can be long term and cost you long chunks of times. That's what we are trying to avoid."
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"I went back and forth in my mind a lot,"
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"When I took the job four years ago, it was with winning in mind, and we haven't accomplished that. So I felt an obligation to ... the organization. I like Chicago. I'm from there, and our kids love being there, and there's no place like Wrigley Field."
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"I took the job four years ago with winning in mind, and we haven't accomplished that."
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"He's throwing fine. It's just building up strength and stamina and his pitches and tiring him out without going overboard with it, and we'll keep progressing from what we did today."
"We're just now building up his strength and stamina. I don't use timetables. It's impossible."
"I don't want him to go out there without having completely built up the arm strength to where he should be. I want him in an environment where we can build him up without any kind of risk. We've gotten a lot further along with that in a short period of time. I think he's on schedule to do everything we need him to do and not have any problems. That's the way I'm assuming it's going to go, and we'll keep progressing."

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