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Bret Bielema Quotes

15 Bret Bielema quotes:

"I'm a big believer in competition bringing out the best in people. There's plenty of time for this all to shake out."
"The one thing I knew as a head coach (was) I wanted to hire coaches that are good and eventually, as people know how good they are, people are going to want to try and hire them. Unfortunately, it was way too fast in this instance."
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"I like his strength, I like his gamesmanship. He sees an edge, he'll take it in a short fashion. He's got great power."
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"What we've been on Jack about is just becoming a complete football player. I think he is beginning to do that."
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"I'll never forget opening up a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant on the very day that Fry offered me the job, ... It said, 'Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.' It's turned out to be true."
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"Thanks, that's a great perspective."
"He had to do certain things just to get out of the state, but I really admire his strength through this whole thing."
Author: Bielema Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We finished our last ball game with Iowa and were on an off-week and then we had to travel a significant distance to get to Hawaii. So we prepared for a certain number of days, let them have a couple days off, came back and traveled to Hawaii."
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"He works hard, he's a great recruiter and coach, and he's a fantastic person on and off the field. I'm very happy he's a Badger."
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"It was a unique experience to get out there and mix it up for the fans. I was pleased with the turnout. We wanted to get as many people in the stands as possible to make it a game-day environment."
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"I would like to assemble a group of coaches that carry two common traits: great passion and great integrity. Kerry has great passion for the game, for recruiting, for his players and for people overall."
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"He never had the daily repetitions of a mike learning curve, the reads, the reactions, the fits and drills. It was kind of a season in learning. When he began to start to play pretty well is when he had that little injury and didn't really play well again until the bowl game."
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"I kind of like where he is."
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"He really has trouble when he gets inside too far. He's definitely one of those guys that has to view the play from one angle. I think that will get better and better for him as time goes on."
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"(Robinson) made some people look silly on film, just with his ability to lower the shoulder. He's not looking to take a knee or a slide or anything like that. He likes to get as much as he can out of every opportunity he has."
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