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Jim Greenwood Quotes

4 Jim Greenwood quotes:

"Attracting sufficient equity capital to fund critical research is often a challenging task for the industry. This problem is exacerbated by an outdated tax regime that was largely set in place well before the advent of the modern biotechnology industry. The federal government should lead the effort in providing favorable tax and regulatory environments that will create incentives for economic development and job creation in the life sciences sector similar to the ongoing efforts at the state level."
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"Consumers should shop around and compare offers. Some of those smaller long-distance companies, which tend to resell service from larger carriers, typically provide a more affordable rate. For low-volume users, it's important to find a plan with no monthly fee or minimum requirement."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Is this guy worthy of our trust?"
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"The evidence points in the direction that her brokers informed [Stewart], at a minimum, that the Waksal family was trading its stock because of impending news, and we think that's why she should come forward and talk to us,"

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