Alfred Kugel Quotes

4 Alfred Kugel quotes:

"Generally the market will tend to go in the opposite direction of oil prices and sometimes oil shares, but that didn't happen today yet."
Author: Kugel Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"have been beating the drums about worrying about higher inflation, and so far, other than energy, we haven't had higher inflation. (But) I would say earnings are doing quite well, so I think that's helped to keep the market from having another bad week."
Author: Kugel Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Inflation seems very unlikely to me in the current economic environment. We have huge amounts of production capacity and plenty of labor around the world, especially in China and India."
Author: Kugel Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"I'm afraid we're not out the woods yet with our friends at the Fed."

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