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30 Vince Young quotes:

"It comes with age, ... more years, more experience and more working with players on my team."
"He has that play-making ability, ... We looked at film of him all summer, and a lot of great teams couldn't tackle him."
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"That's the expectation on this team, getting back to the Rose Bowl, ... There's plenty more work to do. But we're almost halfway home."
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"I'm honored to join TNT's coverage of the All-Star events. As an ambassador for Houston, I look forward to interacting with players, celebrities and fans visiting our city."
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"Man, Coach Brown, he's so relaxed. We've seen that guy dancing this week at practice and he's dancing in the locker room. It brings tears to guys' eyes and brings happiness to everybody."
"I don't really care about the criticism, because I'm pretty much used to it. There's always something about Vince. ... I feel like I've overcome all of that, turned out pretty good, so I want to continue to do that in the NFL as well."
"I accept what God blessed me to be: a leader, a quarterback. It comes with a lot of fame, a lot of awards, a lot of things."
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"He's been through a lot. Just to see him keep fighting ... I'm proud of him, proud of all the hard work he's done to get to this point."
"There were trials and tribulations that my brother went through. But just to see him keep fighting - he could have just quit, but he was still here, still on the sidelines with his little hopping ankle and still coaching the guys. You've got to respect a guy like that."
"They've been fighting with us since we lost 12-0. They've been there when we were down 35-7 to Oklahoma State [Texas scored 49 straight points in 2004 to win]. They've been there. They wanted to touch me. I wanted to touch them, too."
"He had some rapid-fire stuff for me. I think he wanted to keep me on the move. It's a good thing I've continued to work out hard."
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"It keeps college kids from going into debt."
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"He's the Heisman. All hats off to him. He's a phenomenal athlete."
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"We came in as a class with standards we set, ... and we're starting to realize them now."
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"Being back here is a big honor. We have worked so hard to get here, through 100 degree heat, injuries and challenges. This season has been fun and we are excited to be preparing to play for a chance at the National Championship. Enjoying the moment is the most important thing; this is what it's all about."
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"[Yet here is Texas, a year after benefiting from the BCS numbers, potentially being hurt by them. How does 13-0 and no national championship sound? Ask Auburn.] We've learned, ... that you have to take care of yourself."
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"It feels like they're giving them the national championship, and we haven't even played a down. I guess they believe we aren't going to give them any competition."
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"I feel like (everyone's) just giving them the national championship, but we haven't played a down yet. It doesn't really bother us because they know we're coming to play."
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"I try to volunteer as much as I can during the week, even if it means weekends. I take giving back to the community very seriously."
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"I just hate that everyone thinks it's me. It's not just me."
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