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5 Morgan Ensberg quotes:

"It's a miracle that we're just a half-game back as poorly as we played. We're not producing any runs."
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"This seriously is one of the loosest teams in the history of baseball. It has to do with the character of the squad and starting 15-30. When you start off in the loser echelons of baseball, you learn how to come together quickly."
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"We want it closed because we feel we have a distinct advantage if its closed. But I'm a 30-year-old man and I can deal with it. It's not like they stole my dog."
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"We obviously have the ability to completely struggle like no other. I guess it depends on what day you get us."
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"This might be the loosest team in baseball history. I think it's a credit to the guys in this room. We never quit, we never get down, and when we lose a game ... we come back the next day and give it our best shot. And when you have a guy like Roy, who wins 20 games even though we didn't score any runs for him, you have to like your chances."
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