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"They want to stimulate buying behavior now, so they can't just lower the price. They have to indicate that if you don't buy now, you won't get that great price."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"If you can't replace that business immediately, you will be hurt. So it's delicate."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The kind of guy Steve Jobs is will not tolerate an ego like his anywhere around him ... so the people who have succeeded at Apple have essentially been emasculated. What makes this all so Shakespearean is that [the] very strengths and talents that made Apple what it is prevent this problem from becoming solved."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Ego Quotes
"Leasing is suited for power users who need to keep up with technology."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"Most users would rather have the same power in a smaller system. Unless you need extra space for cooling, you can get rid of it."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"What I've noticed about technology and upgrade cycles is that very rarely does it make any difference in the general flow of hardware shipments."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"They were very vague on specifics as to what they are going to do. Gateway extracted what value Wayne had to offer."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"To stimulate this market, service pricing should be brought down as soon as is practically possible. Carriers should consider creating pay-as-you-go plans to reach into lower demographics that do not like to be committed to a monthly payment and to appeal to casual users who want to access the network only once in a while."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Rather than becoming a general-purpose computing platform, tablets will settle in as a long-term niche product."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"Our software forecast went up from 17 percent year-over-year growth to 20 percent, mainly due to Microsoft,"
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"With the channel stuffed, the buying flow is smooth, ... Sales will be strong, but that revenue stream goes to the channel distributors, not the manufacturers."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"That's one of the things Compaq bought Digital for, their service organization."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"To stimulate this market, service pricing should be brought down as soon as is practically possible."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"I think one of the key features is the ability to get on the Windows network. That means you're not penalized any more for bringing a Mac into that environment. With Office, you'll even get compatibility at the document level."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"If you miss the Christmas season, you pretty much flush the whole consumer market down the toilet."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"Inasmuch as there is a market there [manufactures like Gateway] can develop substantially, I think education is it. I'd call it the biggest niche."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"Apple is now becoming an important player in the digital entertainment domain. And it may be there that ultimately they get challenged on antitrust issues by various governments, including the U.S."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Entertainment Quotes
"For PC manufacturers, it's like frying pan or fire. Do you want something that's not secure or something that's delayed? If you have to choose between those evils, you'd choose delayed."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"I see the move as largely defensive. A cell phone is not the optimal device for listening to music. Among other things, you need two headsets, one for phone (one ear, with mike) and one for music (stereo phones, no mike)."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Listening Quotes
"In some sense they've never been better technologically than right now, ... But from a financial and market-share perspective, they've been floating down."
Author: Kay Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes

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