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30 Romeo Crennel quotes:

"What I have to try to do is get guys to do their job to the best of their ability and make good choices while they're doing that. You have to make good choices while you're out there. Then, if you find out a guy cannot make good choices, you need to try to replace him."
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"They had some ability here. Every NFL team has ability. We came in and changed some systems. We decided to do something a little bit different. Maybe all of the pieces here don't exactly fit, but we added some guys to the team who we feel will help us build this team to where we want it to be."
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"Discipline and technique, I mean that's what it was. They just hung in there. The fact that our offense was able to put some points on the board and give us that cushion made a big difference in the game."
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"His injury was a head injury and the doctors will know when he is allowed to come back on the field. Until they say it's okay, we are not going to put him back out there. I think it's the normal medical process. Concussions are injuries that deal with the head and if you want to say that we're being cautious, then you can say that."
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"The first week, he goes down and does his dance. This Sunday, he went down and he looked back first and saw the flag, so he didn't dance. The thing that we'll all be excited about is when Dennis can get into the end zone and he can dance freely."
"The blood supply and blood flow into the wrist is somewhat minimal. He has a piece of a bone in there that was taking a long time (to heal). It's gotten better because of the fact that he's had a cast on. After the season, they're going to take a real good look at it and determine if they need to go in and do something or if it's healed enough to maybe he can do enough without the cast."
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"He developed some of that consistency that I was looking for."
"We felt like he was going in (to the 2005 season) until he got hurt. Now he has to come back and prove that he is. That's the thing about this game."
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"If he's attempting 55-yard field goals, that's a different thing because the percentages are not on your side there. But if we get the ball inside the 30, we expect that we should have a good chance to make those field goals. Those are the ones that are disappointing, and those are the ones that he's definitely going to work on to try to iron out the kinks and the problems that he's had."
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"If I feel like we're making progress - however slow that progress is - then I think you can stay the course (in strategy and all positions),"
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"I had no illusions about where we would be. As long as we make progress, then I feel that we're headed in the right direction. I think that's one of the things that we have to do with this team - we have to get it going in the right direction."
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"The team is making slow progress. We did some things better in Texas. Not good enough grant you, but better."
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"If you look at what happens in the NFL with new coaches, if they don't make progress in the first couple of years, usually they're gone."
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"I'm sure he's disappointed because I know he wanted to be part of a victory. But he's still part of the team and we're looking forward to a speedy recovery."
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"It would be great to just get a victory. I really don't care who it's against."
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"Everyone wants to push Braylon up. But it wouldn't be fair to him or the rest of the guys to just throw him in there not being in the kind of condition he needs to be in, not totally knowing the offense yet."
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"We made too many mistakes. We're still getting penalties, even though it has improved, they're coming at critical times."
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"He has some quickness. He has excellent quickness. ... His strength is his quickness."
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"Some of that was by circumstance. We wanted to move a guy and they wanted two guys in a trade. That position, looking at it, wasn't as productive as it needed to be. I felt we had other people who fit better, so some of them had to leave. As football coaches, you like to think you can coach everybody and anybody, but sometimes you have to recognize that you can't."
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"Everyone wants to push Braylon up. The guy has talent and we knew that when we drafted him. He missed some time and it wouldn't be fair to him and the rest of the guys on the team to throw him in there when he's not in the condition he needs to be in."
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