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Bob Williams Quotes

6 Bob Williams quotes:

"There's an element of fashion to these. There's pressure for these to be capital-efficient and to go out quickly and look for earlier exits."
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"I see him in two to three years being over $100 million annually in endorsements, ... There are still some major categories, he's not in: soft drinks, telecommunications, fast food. He's made it no secret he loves the Golden Arches, even if he doesn't eat there as much as when he was in college."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Sports Quotes Fast Food Quotes
"We played our worst game of the year up there."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Without that, they would have very few sponsors, ... It's key to those sponsors and that's why those sports and those athletes are getting the money."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"With software as a service and entertainment software delivered via the Internet, we're seeing interesting new Internet technologies and delivery platforms that enable these types of applications."
"The intent is to make sure both the student-athlete and their parents are aware of all of the policies and how the process works. From the beginning we try to make student-athletes and their parents aware of some of the pitfalls out there."
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