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Steven Aftergood Quotes

8 Steven Aftergood quotes:

"This whole activity was effectively concealed. It's baffling. It's basically a covert action taking place at the National Archives."
Author: Aftergood Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"It's a bit of a compromise, ... There is a cultural resistance to the polygraph that is different at the FBI than at the CIA. A polygraph is something that is given to new employees and suspected criminals, not to employees in good standing."
"It makes reporter's job more difficult, but also gives them the responsibility to work to overcome the impediments put in their way."
"These incidents will have served a constructive purpose if the Pentagon is willing and able to learn from them. By exposing and highlighting vulnerabilities, the attacks can actually help to inoculate the system during times of crisis. But only if the appropriate lessons are learned now."
Author: Aftergood Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"As a society we seem to be losing our ability to rationally debate complicated policy decisions. Secrecy aggravates the problem by excluding people from the debate, or by narrowing their frames of reference. Nothing less than the future of American democracy is at stake."
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"I don't think anybody welcomed that proposal. It wouldn't serve the interests of those who benefit from the status quo."
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"It is important to acknowledge that CIA hasn't totally neglected the issue [of records management]."
"This illustrates the principle that unchecked authority goes astray. In this case, it's a relatively trivial infraction. But to me the point is that we need more aggressive and penetrating oversight than we have."

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