Quin Snyder Quotes

11 Quin Snyder quotes:

"At that point there was really no confusion in my mind as to what the course of action was. I knew that it was over."
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"I think he's had to earn that. He's a guy that has some ability, that we felt like if he stepped up could provide us with some scoring punch. We encouraged him to do that, but within the context of our team."
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"It starts with an attitude, like a desire, kind of an appreciation for the fact that there's a right way to play, ... I think when you don't make the extra pass or you take a bad shot or you are selfish ... you have to hate that about yourself."
"I've had seven great years here with a lot of successes and a lot of challenges. When someone tells you it's time to move on, you respect that, take it like a man, and you move forward."
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"The turnovers are still frustrating. It didn't hurt us tonight on the scoreboard, but that's something that will continue to cost us ball games if we're not better."
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"There's humility all over our program. We've been through a lot coming back from the Illinois game getting beat like we did. We don't need to remind ourselves of that every day, but that's clearly in the back of their minds. And these guys, they're hungry. They want to accomplish something."
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"Who knows, they may can my [expletive], but you know what, I'll feel good about what I've done. I regret the quote-unquote investigation. But you know what? We haven't had a violation in three years. I don't need to talk about that anymore."
Author: Snyder Quotes Category: Regret Quotes
"We're still learning how to win. If there's one thing I've learned to do the last two years, it's to block stuff out."
Author: Snyder Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"We showed our youth in the second half. We didn't have the same intensity."
Author: Snyder Quotes Category: Youth Quotes
"It's common knowledge, whether it's been stated publicly for the record or not, that my job's on the line this year. We've been through an (NCAA) investigation. We've had a lot of things happen."
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"It's common knowledge that my job's on the line this year. We've been through an investigation and we've been faced with recruiting restrictions. It makes you better and stronger. I'm a better coach than I was two or three years ago."
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