Robert Friedland Quotes

5 Robert Friedland quotes:

"We found that patients with Alzheimer's disease had lower levels of physical activity earlier in life,"
Author: Friedland Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"In President Reagan's case, it's possible that the disease would have had an earlier onset if he had not had such an active lifestyle,"
Author: Friedland Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"If you leave the labor force thinking you have plenty, and then realize that you don't, then you are stuck."
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"Not too long ago, people, particularly men, worked until they were physically unable to work. Now, people have a period of time to which they are looking forward."
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"Our ongoing work with Air Products and the South Coast Air Quality Management District continues to show how electrolysis technology can work in real world vehicle fueling applications. We are helping to demonstrate how using hydrogen as a motor fuel is becoming more and more practical for our nation's transportation needs."

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