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12 Pam Borton quotes:

"Our team defense has gotten a lot better. We've got to keep our aggression up a little longer and play a little smarter and a little more disciplined."
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"Jamie was disappointed with the last game, but so was everybody else. You can't judge your happiness on one game."
Author: Borton Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"Are we pleased at how we finished? No. We know we have the talent and tools to put things together. At this point, our seeding doesn't matter."
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"Jamie didn't play up to her ability offensively or defensively. It was hurting us. Jamie wasn't getting the job done. It's the NCAA tournament — we have to get the job done."
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"We've faced worse adversity before. We'll get through this as well."
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"I was pleased with our execution on offense in the first half."
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"At this point of the season, you would rather not have to make these kind of moves. But as a coach, you find yourself making adjustments all year. Our lack of consistency has been an ongoing thing all year."
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"The difference was how we started the second half. We came out like gangbusters, showed a lot of passion and a lot of energy out on the floor. We definitely did a better job defensively just by pressuring the basketball."
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"Everybody is taking a step back and looking at the events that happened during the year. I don't think you can pinpoint it on one thing. It was many different things that kind of happened at once."
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"It's not missing shots or lack of execution."
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"It's been a pleasure to coach these seniors and learn from them. It was exciting to see them go out in front of 10,000 people."
Author: Borton Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"I'm taking personal responsibility for what's going on but not full responsibility. It's never one person's fault 100 percent. You never hope it comes down to this. We do have to find out how we can do things better."

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