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Jonathan Chen Quotes

6 Jonathan Chen quotes:

"Don't let what we know stand in the way of what we could know."
Author: Chen Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"Ignorance is not due to lack of education. Ignorance is a state of mind that refuses the temptation of looking into the facts, that craves for the twisted, inflammatory interpretation of the facts that nourishes the prejudice in it to stay the course and expand, at the cost of totally dumping the intelligence the Creator put in it."
Author: Chen Quotes Category: Ignorance Quotes
"What we have been seeing these days is not quite as encouraging as what we used to believe that in the modern world it is nearly impossible to interact socially and culturally only with those who think alike. Longing for the comforting of sameness may appears providing some safety and security. It confines ourselves into divisions that blocks our minds. In the end, collectively we become unsafe and insecure."
Author: Chen Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We are the same, and we are different. We are the same because we all are members of the same human family. We are different because each of us is unique. Love each other because we are brothers and sisters. Respect the individual liberty of each other because we all are created equal and are endowed with basic human rights. That’s the spirit of Diversity. From this point on, when we say Diversity, we mean the interweaving of Love and Freedom."
Author: Chen Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"One whose auditory sense has been accustomed to being comfortable with one kind tune misses out the spectacularity of the symphony."
Author: Chen Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"Being a friend to your child is the best gift you give to your child."

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