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David Grinspoon Quotes

3 David Grinspoon quotes:

"I was just so impressed with the diversity and inventiveness of the artwork submitted. To me, it bespeaks of a vast global awareness and excitement about imagining and exploring a neighboring world that is so like our own in some ways and so completely alien in others."
Author: Grinspoon Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes Excitement Quotes
"In environments that are energy-rich but liquid-poor, like near the surface of Titan, natural selection may favor organisms that use their metabolic heat to melt their own watering holes."
Author: Grinspoon Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"We're ignorant of life in the universe. We only have one planet that serves as an example and in science it's not good to derive information from a sample size of one."
Author: Grinspoon Quotes Category: Example Quotes

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