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5 Jim Fassel quotes:

"If you don't have a lot of time to prepare, it can really be a problem with all their dogs and blitzes. They give you a lot of looks; it all can be very disruptive. It forces you to be very solid in your protections."
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"We never lost that will to win -- the guys just kept on fighting."
"The thing about it is the officials have a hard job. The game is so quick. I think what has really affected officiating is there are so many television angles slow-motion, all that stuff. The fan has the ability to make the perfect observation where for the official it's bang-bang-bang."
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"[Former Giants general manager] George Young told me a long time ago, 'Don't be voting for rules that put you one more foot on the hot seat. You got enough [stuff] to worry about.'"
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"It takes a little while to build, ... It doesn't happen overnight, but I didn't think we'd struggle this badly now."
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