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"I have yet to have a conversation with anyone (with Hockey Canada) about this issue, so all this speculation is premature to talk about."
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"There is no game without the players, and no victories for a team or its coach without loyal and talented individuals on the management, coaching and support staffs."
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"A .300 hitter is considered tremendously successful. There's a lot more failure than there is success. In the shootout, at some point, there has to be a winner."
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"The 26 players we selected today are the ones who we feel will get us (back) to that gold-medal circle."
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"I wanted to get O'Neill with Allison, which is where I kind of planned on having him all the way along."
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"They have a lot of talent,"
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"Talent? We have talent. Talent is only part of the whole thing. We tried to rely on talent tonight. I hope we learned."
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"He's showing a responsibility and an accountability that we were hoping we'd get, but you never know, and he's showing it right now."
"an infusion of youth (possibly with Alex Steen and Clarke Wilm on the wings)."
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"It still remains open going forward. (Decisions) will be based on communication with our goaltenders, in particular Marty."
"I guess we're just going to have to fight through this. We have some adversity with our special teams. We paid for this game by taking penalties."
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"This journey ended tonight ... the next one starts tomorrow. My plan is to proceed as normal."
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"Talent is only one part of this whole thing and we tried to rely on talent tonight and it wasn't good enough. If we don't realize that then we will be going home early."
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"The Swiss team came to work; they played a better Canadian game than we did. Talent is only part of this whole thing. We tried to win on talent alone and it wasn't good enough. If we don't learn from this, we'll be going home early."
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"That's where we got into trouble before, playing him before he was ready ... we'll have to make sure we're on the same page with Darcy and the medical staff."
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"They know they were bad, so I don't want them wondering if they have lost the (trust) of the coach. They should know they will get another chance."
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"He hasn't raised himself up to be a first- or second-line player yet and as a coach you want him to challenge himself to move up and not be happy with what he's doing now."
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"We can't take penalties especially when their special team are so hot of late. They looked like pretty easy goals and that was the difference. I was pretty pleased with how we played in the first."
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"We played a lot better and so that has to be looked at as an improvement, especially over Saturday night. We weren't that bad in the other games but it was not good enough to win, I guess. But the effort was better."
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"My intention is to leave them (at centre) for the start of the year,"
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