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"I guess we're just going to have to fight through this. We have some adversity with our special teams. We paid for this game by taking penalties."
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"I see him as a more mature guy right now and he has that good ability to get around the ice,"
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"That's a lack of discipline."
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"You cross-check a guy twice you're going to get called. You have to play with discipline to be successful."
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"When you have those hopes and dreams like your fans do, it seems to be devastating."
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"They (team doctors) did the surgery, they had to re-embed the finger nail."
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"Execution was the problem. If you don't execute, whether it's from a lack of trying, maybe a lack of talent, I don't know ... but if you can't do the job does it mean bringing other people in? I don't know. Those people weren't in the lineup because they didn't do the job."
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"A .300 hitter is considered tremendously successful. There's a lot more failure than there is success. In the shootout, at some point, there has to be a winner."
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"He's a hockey person, a hockey dad, and secretly, I think he loves the Leafs."
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"I try not to dwell on that. Criticism goes with all sorts of things in life. I don't think about that at all. My focus is on trying to help these young men be as good as they can be. By feeling bad or being distracted by what is being said, all you are doing is not answering adversity the best way you can. I try to put it where it belongs. I'm not beating myself up."
"We've run the gamut of emotions over the last little while, that's for sure. These were a big two points on the board here tonight."
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"Emotion is powerful in sport. We want it. We want the positive emotions and we fight the negative ones. It's pretty hard to look at your job and know exactly what you need to do when emotions get a hold of you."
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"(We like their) youth and enthusiasm."
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"One of the things Team Canada management wanted to do, because we have so many talented Canadian players, was that availability of selecting the guy who's hot at the time."
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"I have yet to have a conversation with anyone (with Hockey Canada) about this issue, so all this speculation is premature to talk about."
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"[KELOWNA, B.C. (CP) - Team Canada wrapped up its five-day camp Friday, a gathering that failed to make it any easier to narrow down the list of Olympic hopefuls. Not a single player looked out of place.] We knew this wouldn't be easy and it's not going to be, ... The next three months will go a long way towards deciding who the final guys are."
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"He's one of the great goaltenders Canada has ever had. He didn't have a great start to the season but lately he's been on top of his game. He's a winner and the right guy to start."
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"I believe that it comes from who you are and what you learn when you're younger, not necessarily just when you look down at what's on your chest."
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"It still remains open going forward. (Decisions) will be based on communication with our goaltenders, in particular Marty."
"He hasn't raised himself up to be a first- or second-line player yet and as a coach you want him to challenge himself to move up and not be happy with what he's doing now."
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