Marshall Hamilton Quotes

5 Marshall Hamilton quotes:

"We've seen evidence that they've sealed themselves off. We have no reason to doubt they are anything but safe."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"The fire is out, it's obviously good news. They're all safe, they're all secure, they're all accounted for and we'll be escorting them out of the mine sometime tonight."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"In those refuge stations, the workers can seal themselves in and be safe with enough oxygen, food and water to be comfortable for 36 hours at the least."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"In those refuge stations, they can seal themselves off and there's oxygen, food and water. And they can stay in there for at least 36 hours."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"You'd be hard-pressed to find any mining operation in the world that has a better safety record."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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