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"He's got a chance to be a pretty good ball player. He's got all the ability. He's going to get a shot, hopefully he can take advantage."
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"Everybody thinks the players who come from Latin America were shining shoes, ... I lived good."
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"I like it when people don't expect us to do anything and expect the big boys to do something. Maybe we sneak up and bite them. We are like Cinderella."
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"I have faith in him,"
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"It's great for the White Sox organization. It's something we need. We hardly have anything in the Hall of Fame. Hopefully, he can hit another one and then we could have two."
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"I apologize to Alex Rodriguez, his family, his fans, the New York Yankee organization, to the White Sox organization."
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"I apologize to Alex Rodriguez, his family, his fans, the New York Yankee organization, to the White Sox organization. That's the first time I feel like I did something wrong. I've been in a lot of controversial things before, but I think I started this one and I'm going to finish it. ... What I did to Alex was wrong. He can do whatever he wants. If he wants to play for Japan, fine for him."
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"I don't disrespect anybody. I was on vacation with my family. I got a notice that my family could not go, because they had only so many people that can go there. I asked permission (to the White Sox), and said if my kids can't go to the White House, then I am not going to the White House. My kids are the most important thing to me."
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"Seattle fouled off a lot of pitches; they were fighting. They were making Vazquez throw strikes and fight for every at-bat. That's why his pitch count was so high."
"He was the only player in the history of baseball that everybody loved."
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"I think it will be great for baseball. I think he's the greatest hitter ever.... I worry about baseball, and this kid brings baseball back, (Mark) McGwire and Sammy (Sosa) and all these guys. People hated baseball then, after the strike. A lot of people will be mad when he breaks the record, but I hope he does."
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"I said before the game, I don't believe they're going to be tired. They showed it."
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"I talked to [Garcia] about it this morning. [Pitching coach Don] Cooper is going to talk to him. Is something bothering him? Is he tired? We could move him back or have him skip a start."
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"Obviously, Carl has helped the team a lot and Carl has been good, but I wish I had more consistency from those guys. Especially now in the stretch when we have Paulie [Konerko] carrying this team for real ? Paulie and [Juan] Uribe. Hopefully one of those guys comes out the next couple of weeks and helps them."
"[The White Sox are 9-1 in the postseason and 14-1 dating to the last week of the regular season, but it won't go to their heads.] Today I was in the clubhouse and we were watching the highlights, ... You do get goose bumps. But in the meanwhile, you've got to be careful. No matter what you do today, just prepare yourself for tomorrow. Don't get too cocky."
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"He's been great for the game of baseball. Everything that man touches is magic."
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"You just saw, ... a Chicago baseball game."
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"His velocity is fine. The location of the pitches is not good. ... He (hung) a couple breaking balls to the wrong guys."
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"He doesn't like batting sixth? He's got two choices: Not playing or batting sixth,"
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"a taco stand and getting some funny looks."
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