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Jennifer Kerns Quotes

6 Jennifer Kerns quotes:

"The system was tested, the memory card was tested, but the source code was never tested. We believe that the source code is an integral part of that voting system."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"There appears to be a historical precedent to the Peace and Freedom Party being back on the ballot."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"We're confident we've gone above and beyond the call of duty to test this, above and beyond what other evaluations would have revealed."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"At issue is the source code that is located on the memory card."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"All options are on the table, including mail elections. The secretary has supported them in the past as a way to give counties more options."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Getting these systems approved is our top priority, and we are laser-focused on it. But Secretary McPherson can't force vendors to come forward with qualified systems."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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