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"Our kids just have fun. We're built for ski racing."
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"[Despite opening the season 1-2, Coach Roberts likes his team's outlook the rest of the way,] I think we're on track to be successful this year, but we haven't proven that play in and play out like we need to, ... We've shown signs of being very productive in every phase of the game, but we haven't been consistent enough at it."
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"They don't work for us. They are trained and equipped by the police department and we like to have them in our buildings, so we take them as they come."
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"It's not just his ability. It's not just his talent - the statistics that show up. But it's his heart. It's who he is. It's what he brings to our football team with his willingness to be successful in all phases of his life."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"The findings of the survey project will be helpful to the leaders and staff of the West Virginia Chamber as we prepare for the 2006 legislative session and 2006 election season."
"They do not make a lot of mistakes and they do not miss a lot of tackles. They play very, very sound and you can see that. With all the juniors and seniors starting defensively, you don't expect them to make mistakes and they don't."
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"I am very encouraged by the quality of the applications we have received, and I'm confident this selection process will produce an excellent new director for SMPA."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"I have a very strong record of stern and strict discipline. But, I am also fair and we're fair to our program and we want to be fair with Chris. In our assessment of the situation, Chris did not act inappropriately."
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