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"Marcelo is a proven player in this league. His knowledge of our club and league, when combined with his ability, will give our midfield an added dimension."
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"This is a part of that. Our ability to play well Wednesday night is not only important to winning a cup, but also to gain that form that we're looking for leading into the playoffs. It's part of the process, and it's very important to us."
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"For us to be successful we have to play with much better energy. Teams are playing us tough and for us to get any results this year we're going to have to raise our level significantly."
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"We've had troubles all season long and the lack of concentration towards the end of the game. Tonight we didn't show that, we played with a lot more intelligence. Dallas brought everything it could, sliding balls in from every single part of the attacking half of the field. Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan -- their experience led to the victory at the end. The guys played with a lot more concentration and a lot more wisdom than we have at previous matches."
"It's not as if we're friends that play poker every Sunday night, ... We're colleagues, and there's mutual respect there. Certainly, he understood the challenges of the '98 team; I understand the challenges that he's had and what a good job he's done with the team. The growth that soccer has seen over the last 10 years - he's been a big part of that. We don't have any problems."
"It was a great first half with two very good goals. I thought that the way we responded after they scored was exactly what I was looking for. I wish we could have created a few more chances before that. I have to give San Jose credit tonight, they put out a lot of energy and they were very dangerous on dead balls obviously. It was a great strike by Moreno and a brilliant header by Danny Califf. I have to give them credit tonight. It was a great match, I thought both teams had chances, we had a good one with Chris Albright's header off the post, that could have made the difference for us, but I thought defensively San Jose played exceptionally well, putting forth a lot of energy and forcing us to play quickly."
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"We talk about defenders taking responsibility. The players that missed clear opportunities also have to take responsibility. That's how you win ball games."
"It's a dream of mine. I worked very, very hard for many years. But the reality is, it's slow coming . . . I think we're still a generation away from that."
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"Once again, Herculez was showing his tremendous value to this team. The combination of Landon Donovan and him is a lot to handle and will be for any team."
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"Not give Mark Chung the time and space to send that ball in."
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"I felt in the second half the players played with a lot of pride and they showed they weren't going to drop their heads and roll over and that was important. They wanted to show the Dallas fans that we can play this game too."
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"His passion was the Galaxy. In retrospect, it's fitting that we won a championship for him this last year because I think he was so passionate about this team and loved every single player and the organization."
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