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"Being a bowl team is a wonderful achievement for so many teams, and if you look at the history of the University of South Carolina, a bowl game is pretty good."
"The time I went there, they weren't near the team they are now, ... A different environment, completely different. A different team. A different head coach. The fans, probably their enthusiasm is about 10 times greater than it was that day."
"The time I went there, they weren't near the team they are now. A different environment, completely different, different team, different head coach."
"Thank goodness for John Hall. Thank goodness Mr. Snyder went out and got us a heck of a kicker. Without John Hall, I don't think we win this game."
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"I tried to get the Redskins to hire him as the general manager, ... Shows you how much influence I had."
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"I don't want to praise our guys too much for beating this team. Had a few good plays here and there. Still a long way off."
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"It's called keeping up. We just need to be in line with the rest of the schools."
"We were fortunate ... their safety, Lynn Hughes, fell down,"
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"We just try to improve and improve and improve. We don't worry about how we look so much. We stayed healthy and that's always, I think, the number-one priority."
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"We've got a support system that gives our players a wonderful opportunity to graduate. If they go to class and give good effort, they can graduate from this school, and I believe that's important when you go out recruiting."
"If the play goes bad, it was a bad call - even though it might have been a pretty good call. That's just the way it is, and we accept it and move on."
"Number two, we're going to play with a lot of effort. Our guys are going to be in such good shape that fatigue is not going to be a problem. We're going to play with full effort from snap to whistle on every play the entire game."
"So you get two good hours on the field about every day, you get about an hour and a half in the meeting room and that's pretty much all you need to thoroughly coach your team."
"So, we were able to throw, and run, the ball successfully, and play defense. And well, we won the conference six in my first seven years there."
"We'll have to see how it all plays out. Certainly Blake is our starter. He threw some errant balls out there today. Blake didn't play his best; he knows that. He's still the starter, but it was encouraging that Cade sort of proved that if something happens he can go play. We thought he would be. We'll try to get Cade as ready as possible. He's definitely second right now."
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"Oh, that's a secret, a little secret, ... Nah, we're breaking the balls in. They're all brand new and slippery as can be. Like a watermelon seed when they bring them out of the box. So you try rubbing them in the dirt, the grass, put a little sweat on them. You try everything to get where you can handle them."
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