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Joshua Feinman Quotes

9 Joshua Feinman quotes:

"This is more corroboration that the economy, particularly the production side, is responding to the pick-up in demand we saw in the third quarter."
"It's already been working to dampen demand and cut into purchasing power. The longer it stays here, the longer that impact will last."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"If the economy roars back, you can always take the cuts back. But suppose you're wrong on the other side, and the economy continues to languish? With the slack already in the markets, inflation is likely to move lower still."
"The personal income tax cut could be a boost of $50 billion to disposable income, and some of that could be felt when they actually change the tax withholding schedule, which could be in the spring or summer. Then there might be a little bit of rebate check, too. All of this might be a little more of short-term shot in the arm than the dividend tax cut."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"[Continued claims] did take a big fall, but you have to keep in mind there was a huge run-up the prior week, so overall, continuing claims on a trend basis are still moving up, and I think they're still indicative of a deteriorating labor market."
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"The United States has been the engine of global growth for some time. It would behoove the world if other engines were to develop, but it doesn't look like that's happening. As long as that's the case, U.S. growth will mostly be determined by what happens here."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"To get faster job growth, we're going to need either faster aggregate demand, which seems hard to fathom, or we're going to need some diminution of the recent extra cyclical pop in productivity, ... When will that start? Anybody who says they know is lying."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The labor market's starting to improve a bit -- it's not great, but it's getting better."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"These numbers were worse than expected. But overall, the labor market is still deteriorating, but not at the rate it was after Sept. 11."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Labor Quotes

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