James Padinha Quotes

4 James Padinha quotes:

"It seems to me that markets aren't going to be too happy if its just a replacement thing."
Author: Padinha Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"After this next round, people are going to be hugely down on things. People are going to say the economy lost all its momentum at the end of the third quarter."
"There's a risk to someone assuming this hero-type status because then there's the temptation you're going to lean toward believing him no matter what says -- and that's potentially dangerous."
Author: Padinha Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"As growth stays sluggish and prices rise, companies are more hard-pressed to keep profits from declining. So they say, 'Sorry, we have to charge more'. They can't get away with that on discretionary stuff because people will hold off, but people will be stuck paying higher prices for need-type goods and services. It becomes a circular thing."
Author: Padinha Quotes Category: Growth Quotes

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