Joseph LaVorgna Quotes

5 Joseph LaVorgna quotes:

"Treasuries are going to seek higher yields over the next weeks. The labor market looks quite healthy."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The retail sales figures were really soft, much softer than expected."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"I think it's probably them worried more just about a very weak economy than whether it's a soft landing or a recession. But the Fed, they don't really care. They just want to see the economy get back up."
"The financial wealth that has been created is unprecedented. Even if the stock market, for argument's sake, leveled off here, there's been so much wealth built up that we really can feel spending for some time."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Already in December, the vehicle sales data seemed to be regaining traction."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Sales Quotes

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