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Steve Watson Quotes

6 Steve Watson quotes:

"You're talking about a guy that everybody wrote off as a player coming out of college. I've got more respect for him than any other player I've encountered in the game."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I was working on one of the neighbors' phones and one of the gentlemen came up to me and said he witnessed somebody go into one of these houses, it was somebody that we knew didn't live there."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Gentlemen Quotes
"I have a lot of influence in the lyrics. I tend to write about real life experiences. I write about suicide, actual experiences and things I went through. I try to get something that's broad enough so other people can relate to."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"Everybody knows him for one thing. So we tried to work on the rest of it. You can quantify it or qualify it that way - we worked on everything but the deep ball."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"I think we need a more comprehensive and ... stronger agreement of what we consider to be a standard that we can all agree to."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Her height and ability to quick hit made her more useful in the middle."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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