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John Caldwell Quotes

6 John Caldwell quotes:

"The point to remember is that what the Government gives it must first take away"
"With the increased focus on the potential of an economic slowdown, driven by the higher energy prices, anything that comes out of the economic data to either support or refute that is going to be key."
Author: Caldwell Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"There are noticeable recoveries. Just in the health care sector, the DRG index is outperforming the overall market, and Pfizer is the largest component. Clearly, there's something favorable happening in that group, but it's not the only one."
Author: Caldwell Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"The underlying fundamentals of the market still remain very healthy. We are looking at good solid earnings growth in the first quarter and economic growth that has bounced back."
Author: Caldwell Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Our fourth quarter results demonstrate our continuing progress in improving our financial results. Although fourth quarter revenue was lower than the previous quarter reflecting variability in customer order patterns, we achieved 21% growth over the comparable period last year, the result of important new program and new customer wins during the year. It was also the third consecutive quarter of earnings growth."
Author: Caldwell Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"At the forefront of investors' minds are going to be earnings, and to a lesser extent, the economy. I really think that's what is going to dictate how the market behaves."

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