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14 Harris Miller quotes:

"If this ruling stands it could effectively destroy the ability of companies to set up businesses for which they contract out workers."
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"Looking to George Allen and George Bush to solve the gas crisis is like asking Bonnie and Clyde to solve the crime problem."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"H-1B [holders] are not exempt from the laws of economics,"
"When we have an education system that stacks up poorly in math and science even [compared with] developing countries, we have a fundamental problem."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"It was designed to be an open, borderless medium for communication and sharing information, and was not programmed with security features. Nor was it intended for commercial use."
"It was designed to be an open, borderless medium for communication and sharing information, and was not programmed with security features. Nor was it intended for commercial use,"
"The U.S. government's commitment to continuing to pump out these graduates began to drop off in 1970s. The space race had been won. There was a recession in the late 1960s. The country was hurt by the oil crisis in the early 1970s. And the country had moved away from the attitude of the 1960s that you could solve the world's problems with government spending."
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"By driving down the costs associated with computer software and services and by opening more overseas markets to US competition, global sourcing sharpens our country's competitive edge at home and abroad. The result is more American jobs, higher wages and a faster growing economy overall."
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"We need a senator who will ask the right questions in the run-up to any conflict and not simply serve as a partisan cheerleader for whoever happens to be sitting in the White House."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"What I see is a stable of salivating legal factories gearing up. Is it prudent or responsible for Congress to wait for the inevitable flood or do what it can to provide sandbags now?"
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"It is because the US government has had the lightest possible touch on the internet...that we support the idea that we do not need another international body,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Any suggestion that information technology is yesterday's news, doesn't matter, or has lost its edge as an economic driver is just plain wrong. In fact, major trends indicate the opposite is true."
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"There is dislocation, but we are finding there are new jobs replacing the old jobs."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The shortage of IT workers has changed the nature of the position of HR (human resources) director, for one, because employee retention has become almost an overwhelming issue, ... Companies might have seen a 10-to-12 percent turnover rate a few years ago, if lucky -- the turnover rate is now more like 20 percent plus. People are stealing employees from one another left and right, and employee loyalty, frankly, runs only as deep as what the company can offer."
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