Brigitte Bardot Quotes

52 Brigitte Bardot quotes:

"Do you have to have a reason for loving?"
"Fame had brought me so much unhappiness."
"Film-making was not at all what I had expected."
"Films have never shown the kind of relationship that can exist between two women."
"Have you ever heard of a good marriage growing in front of the cameras?"
"I absolutely loathe luxury. It is the one thing I cannot stand."
"I am 30, but there are things about me that are still 15."
"I am against marriage, and I don't give a fig for society."
"I am all right when I work. I am not superficial and I am not ungrateful."
"I am really not interested in the cinema. I loathed it when I started six years ago, and I don't enjoy it even now."
"I don't think when I make love."
"I have been very happy, very rich, very beautiful, much adulated, very famous and very unhappy."
"I have no private life at all. I am a hunted woman. I can't take a step without being questioned and surrounded."
"I have not always loved wisely, but I was young."
"I have to live with both my selves as best I may."
"I know very few Americans, though I like the way they think. They think big."
"I know what sin is."
"I was just a cheap little starlet hardly acting at all in a very mediocre film."
"I'm a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian."
"If I go to a restaurant, other people stare. The meal is ruined."

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