Robert Coleman Quotes

5 Robert Coleman quotes:

"From my basement I heard an explosion and I ran and I called for my family to come downstairs. And I saw fire bursting out of the basement, so I got them as quickly as I can and I came outside and the fire started upstairs."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"If income was directly proportional to technical proficiency and education, classical and jazz musicians would be some of the most affluent people in the world"
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"It is a tough program with a lot of obstacles. Each person is faced with their own unique challenges. Some are extremely sick because they spend their whole lives shying away from medical care."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Obstacles Quotes
"All I heard was this big explosion, and I saw fire come out the basement door. I called my mom downstairs, then hurried up and rushed them out the house."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"They all have goals and everybody wants to make their targets for the week."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Goals Quotes

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