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"we wanted the vendor to own the whole issue. At this very late date, we didn't want to risk that the patch would create some profound change to the operating system."
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"The addition of Forum Systems to our RSA Secured Partner Program further validates our ability to help customers achieve faster time to deployment and lower overall cost of ownership through certified interoperability with industry leading products. As the implementation of Web Services and service-oriented architectures continue to drive new revenue opportunities, Forum Systems plays an important role by enabling enterprises to achieve a higher ROI through real-time business process integration and automation."
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"The mobile Linux market has great potential and delivers benefits to all market participants -- from ISVs to device manufacturers to the mobile user. An offering, such as the Access Linux Platform, that incorporates and supports mobile Linux standards, can only help foster the growth of this market."
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"The testing that we have done on systems has not revealed any problems before, so the nature of the noncompliance is likely to be very minimal. It's probably not a feature of the operating system that is used by the application."
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"We look forward to working closely with CA as well as IBM and the other leaders in this area as we develop a trusted vehicle and database for administering and encouraging donations to the burgeoning patent commons in which we all have a stake."
"We are not providing legal advice. We're not translating what the pledges mean. We're not going to put our opinion on it."
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"This has been an ongoing issue since Day One. Many [vendors] are saying Y2K patches are outside your maintenance agreement. I think it's pretty clear this is a maintenance issue. I didn't buy software with a Dec. 31, 1999, expiration date."
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"Universities are fighting for the best and brightest, and if you put stumbling blocks in the way of recruiting, people are not going to come here."
"All our efforts indicated we were making good progress."
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"If making these patents available in a single library accelerates the use of open source software and spurs innovation... separate and distinct from that is the whole patent reform issue."
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