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"This is significantly higher than the 2000 municipal elections. There is almost a 50% increase in the total number of candidates, from 30 477 to 45 179. Parties contesting the elections have also increased by 19%, from 79 to 97."
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"It is encouraging to note the overwhelming interest by South Africans in voting even after six successive elections."
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"We heard that some people decided to play football [next to one voting station]. We are grateful that people resorted to entertaining themselves rather than committing violence."
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"I regret it very much that this has come to us so late and I also regret it in the sense that it's a law in South Africa and we don't always change laws overnight in that manner. The special votes are not only affecting them - they're affecting other sectors in society."
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"This 5 o'clock deadline is not something that we decided on, it is specified in the law."
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"This is a bit disappointing. We were hoping there would be more women councilors and mayors."
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