Hosni Mubarak Quotes

20 Hosni Mubarak quotes:

"I've said more than once: Sharon is capable of making peace. He has the power, the determination, the ability and the security concept for how to make peace,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"The age of referenda and pledging allegiances is over,"
"I'm committed to sustain current efforts to reach a free trade agreement with the United States,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"If calm means that the culture minister should leave, then I will,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"These are the first direct presidential elections in our history ... In such a situation, words and promises are not enough,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Yes, the world is interested in events in Egypt, not just because of the forthcoming elections and the progress of reform but also because what happens in Egypt affects the area around it."
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Nothing can be hidden in the era of the open skies. The elections will be free, fair and transparent,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"There were moments of loss of hope and despair. However, reason and mutual accommodation prevailed in the end,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Despair Quotes
"The government will present its resignation after the performance of the oath and I will ask it to continue carrying out its work until the formation of the new government,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"I say to the young, the workers, the peasants, the intellectuals and the middle classes: I will stand by your side and support your causes and ambitions,"
"We have ordered competent authorities to conduct a complete investigation to clearly determine responsibility and to hold accountable anyone proved to have fallen short in their duties or who were careless in providing safety."
"What is wrong with strengthening the opposition? You lose nothing, ... But let them abide by the rules."
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Mubarak!"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Sacrifice Quotes
"[World leaders condemned the bombings. The White House called the attacks] barbaric ... bringing the perpetrators of these acts to justice."
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Saudi Arabia has lost one of its dutiful sons, a leader among the most dear of its leaders and men,"
"Silence is not useful any more,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Silence Quotes
"This is a sensitive phase, and it is not enough to deal with it with promises, empty words and catchy slogans that jeopardize the destiny of our people,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Peace is the only guarantee for the region's countries to have stability and to embark on their development plans, ... There can be no stability or development under violence, tension, terror and frozen peace."
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"It is being said that Arafat doesn't want to make peace now, but I can confirm that Arafat wants to continue with the peace process and he wants to take advantage of the situation as it is today, not tomorrow,"
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"advance peace in the region."
Author: Mubarak Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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