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"Our emotions say that when something is going up, it's great and it will always go up. And when something is going down, it's bad and will always be going down. That leads people to buy high and sell low."
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"People who save 10 percent of their income throughout their working years, from their 20s on, are usually in good shape. You want to at least put the full amount aside to get the match."
Author: Kaye Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Don't go by these old clichés that the rule of thumb is you'll need 70 percent of your income. It's a bunch of baloney. You're best served by not going by rules of thumb. Figure out what do you want and what are you goals."
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"If you can contribute to two qualified retirement plans, then do it."
Author: Kaye Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"There's no magic formula to get you through this. Return to the fundamentals. Look at what's on sale."
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"Just because your assets are going up doesn't mean your net worth is going up."
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"It's net worth to them. It's worth nothing to you."
Author: Kaye Quotes Category: Worth Quotes

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