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"It was kind of scary there when we didn't know for sure who we would be working with."
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"Gil was really good in that he would listen to the demos, and he would get the energy of just that raw first draft of the song and he was able to grow on that, still maintaining that initial energy and the direction of that song. He never tried to change a song, what it's original incarnation was, just try to improve it and get the point across more directly and more thoroughly."
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"Also, just straight off the bat, we went in, had some lunch, talked about music, and we went back to our little studio here. It wasn't planned or anything, but we ended up working on a song right then. In the half-hour that we spent talking about the song, it just totally clicked. It just worked. You could feel it. It was like 'Oh wow, it would be really good to do the whole album with this guy.' It was fun."
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