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Ned Yost Quotes

35 Ned Yost quotes:

"We're not going to pack up and die. Key injuries happen to every team. I hate it for Benny and the team, but you have to pick up the slack and go."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"He's learning all kinds of stuff. He's seeing what life's like in the big leagues. He accomplished everything he needed to accomplish in Triple-A."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"When things aren't going you're way, funny things happen, and it's not much funnier than that."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"He pitched a phenomenal game."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Our guys, what they're doing is they're fighting real hard to try to get out of it. It's defeating the purpose."
"I think his improvement has come more on the mental side than the physical side,"
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"They enjoy what they're doing. But they're not a real excitable bunch, to the point where it affects their performance."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"They got a great performance out of Arroyo. He was very sharp and stayed on the attack. Ben was good tonight but Arroyo matched him pitch for pitch."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"They got a fine performance out of Bronson Arroyo, and that was the difference."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"He didn't pull anything. It just felt strange to him. It was not a knifelike pain, just a dull ache. He has some scar tissue back there, and it could be he popped some of that, which would be a good thing."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"He didn't pull anything. It just felt strange to him. It was not a knifelike pain, just a dull ache."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"We said all along that he would probably struggle in the first half and take off in the second half. That's what's happened."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"We knew he was going to struggle at the plate. That wasn't a surprise."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"Doug's a believer that he wants these guys playing deep into September and into October so that they can get used to it, ... That's a place we want to play in the near future."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Danny has had good downhill action. His ball is sinking good. He's going to be fine."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"They opened my eyes, offensively, to the fact that they were capable of being big league players, and they opened eyes, defensively, and showed us that they weren't ready to be big league players."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"In true Bobby fashion, all he wanted to talk about was how good we were doing, ... Finally, I said, 'Bobby, look, I called you to talk about you, OK? I want to congratulate you and tell you how good you're doing.'"
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"We have the ability to do special stuff, and we have to continue to be more consistent, and that's team-wide. It's not one single person or one single area. We do believe that we'll get better and better as the year goes on."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Boy, the infield is like concrete out there. Ground balls get by you in a hurry. We can use the good weather to get our work in but you'd like to see a little rain at night to soften up the fields a bit."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"You can run into trouble in July and August if you're not careful (with the bullpen) now. We have to take some pressure off those guys."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes

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