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"You've got two things: a horrible retail environment ... and oil prices are up to $32 a barrel. When energy prices rise they pervade all aspects of the economy and costs go up. ... The big thing overhanging the market is what we are going to do with Iraq."
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"We are basically being held up by geopolitical events,"
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"Technology has been under a bit of a cloud and there's still concerns about the telecom industry, ... I think investors are still very wary of it. They want to see more robust capital expenditure."
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"It's a great performer in terms of earnings ability,"
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"Right now the general direction is up and that's because of the economy. But there is still a tremendous amount of skepticism about analysts' forecasts and the ability for corporations to repair profits that could challenge us next week."
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"They go into enterprise technology where they allow companies to access all kinds of systems in a secure mode. The company continually introduces products, ... We just jumped in, even at these levels, just about a week ago. We'll continue to buy this stock for many of our accounts. Our analysts are very high on it. We expect it to outperform the market over the next six-to-12 months."
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"We like auto parts and accessories; we even like Pep Boys. They have a return on equity similar to AutoZone, which has a return on equity somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 percent,"
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"In most election years, stocks are up. But when you think about the kinds of policies that are going to be implemented, the market gets a little worried. So, I would say up until the election you will see some very interesting dynamics. If they feel that a demonstration is favorable, drug stocks will get in then and all of a sudden the drug stocks will start looking hot. If the economy seems to be moving along nicely the high-tech new economy-type stocks will continue to do well,"
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"Investor psychology is switching from fear to a little bit of greed. What you see is psychology working here today."
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