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7 Julian Lennon quotes:

"My dad's music was a great inspiration to me."
"I've found constancy and balance between creativity and normality."
"On the one hand, I've had such a normal upbringing with my mum, who has kept me grounded, but on the other, the wild experiences through my dad."
"I had always thought of starting my own record company. I haven't regretted the decision - yet!"
"He was like a real dad, you know. We used to sit down with guitars and mess around."
"He wasn't a great father. He was a great musician. That's always been a touchy one, and it will be until I can find the answer, but I don't know if there is one."
"He walked out the bloody door and was never around. I'd admire him on TV -- listen to his words and opinions. But for someone who was praised for peace and love and wasn't able to keep that at home, that's hypocrisy."
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