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"I look at it as the fun capital of the world, the entertainment capital of the world. We want to take advantage of all the people coming through your town."
"We're not just randomly giving out cars,"
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"The Drive' represents a significant marketing opportunity for General Motors, allowing us to showcase our products in a unique fashion that will provide a fun-filled time for the millions of people who live in or visit Las Vegas. This platform elevates the driving experience, without pressure to buy, to another level that has never been presented within the U.S."
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"[Tie-ins with entertainment are] a growing area of focus for us as an organization, ... In the past, we used to be very sports-focused."
"It's kind of a huge learning lab for us."
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"People have a perception about our brands and our products. They're living in a world 20 years ago, when the products were very different. That's why we're building this different type of facility, so they can understand that."
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