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"First and foremost, it's the ability to share your stories."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"I look at ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge) as a poison pill in the energy bill."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The security of our nation depends on the men and women who are willing to sacrifice their safety, and possibly their lives, to protect the freedoms the rest of us enjoy."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"There have been two cases of mad cow disease in the United States, one from Canada, ... Statistically, it's nonexistent, in terms of the millions of head of cattle that are sent to slaughter every year."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"We can take full comfort in realizing the continuing strength of our nation. America's lands remain radiantly rich with diversity, and freedom still reigns."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"The truth of the matter is that it's way too early to talk about extraordinary circumstances. I'm not hearing any of my colleagues talk about it, and I'd rather not hear any of my colleagues on the other side talk about it as well."
"At a time when American soldiers around the world risk their lives to protect America from the many threats we face, it is more important than ever that our young people understand the history and values that have guided America through its difficult times in the past and ensured this nation's continuing prosperity."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: America Quotes
"I certainly want campaign finance reform. I just wish this would do it in a way that would stand up to a constitutional challenge."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"If he could get up that would be sensational for us. It's more so his confidence because he's kept his fitness up, he's probably done a mini-pre-season in the last eight weeks, so he's rearing to go."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Fitness Quotes

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