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"He's certainly playing a lot older than his age."
"This team understands it's a journey. This is the first step. It was almost a battle of wills out there today, like who was going to flinch first. We just came up with a couple more big plays than they did, and that was the difference in the game."
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"Fourth-and-one with a Jerome Bettis , it's just an easy call to make. I feel so much appreciation for him."
"I think you'll find in any second-year player, his comfort level is much greater. There's no question he's more comfortable with our offense and understanding the plays and the design of the plays and where they're intended to go. Consequently, he's much more in control of the huddle than he was a year ago."
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"The circumstances are such that we don't have a choice. We were put in that situation by losing three games in a row. We know the path that is ahead of us. It's a tough journey, but the guys are looking forward to it."
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"I told him he revealed another gear. I saw something where now I can set another level of expectation that's a little bit higher."
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"Where our record is, we recognize there's a responsibility that comes along with it. We have to bring our A game every week. We're not in a reflecting mode right now. We have to still look ahead and keep the blinders on a little bit. We beat a couple good football teams, but in terms of the big picture, [we haven't accomplished anything yet]."
"Ben is an unbelievable athlete. It would take someone of his nature (to make the tackle)."
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"I think the pass to Hines was just a great call by Whiz."
"Their defense is a lot like ours, from the standpoint of scheme-wise. They have good players down there that run it."
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"It is an unexcused absence. I'm very disappointed in his decision and we are ready to move on with or without him."
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"It's not the circumstances that effect you, it's how you deal with them."
"We have a very healthy organization. It starts at the top. There's no ego involved. We try to get things done as a team."
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"That's one thing Tony knows, the Steelers of the '70s, they were a tough football team, ... There's a degree of style that goes with this football team, and I think we've been able to sustain a little bit of that persona."
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"He's coached in a lot of different places and tinkered with a lot of different ideas, but I've kept the same practice format that I learned from him for 14 years here, ... I guess he's gone the full cycle. He's always been very open-minded. He's receptive to change."
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"Sports Town: A Look at the Famous Sports Pages of the Post-Gazette."
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"We only have three guys under contract at the safety position."
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"Patience is a virtue. If you have the right people."
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"Unbelievable, words can't describe it."
"It is an unexcused absence, ... I'm very disappointed in his decision and we are ready to move on with or without him."
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